Let’s Chat Parenting with Taylor Kelly

On this months podcast, Sarah Jane sits down with High School Coordinator, Taylor Kelly. The conversation you will hear is about Raising a Healthy Adult. We specifically will talk about casting vision over your children’s lives from the youngest of ages and continuing into their adolescent years.

Let’s Chat Parenting with Hardy Reynolds and Fritz Schalmo

This month, we have Rest Initiative counselors, Hardy Reynolds and Fritz Schalmo talking to us about When we should rescue our children and when we should watch, wait and pray. They will talk about the struggles, the reasons we want to rescue and the benefit to sometimes sitting back and walking your children through their difficult times.

Let’s Chat Parenting with Tracey Bailey and Dan Marcone

In this podcast, Tracey Bailey and Dan Marcone have a conversation about generations and the affect that has on your parenting. What generation are your students a part of? What generation are you a part of? What does that mean for how you parent your children or how they are growing up. Join in on the discussion today!

Let’s Chat Parenting Upcoming Topics

Today, our host, Sarah Jane Creech, joins in speaking with Tracey Bailey about what our focus will be for the next year. We look forward to discussing the idea of, “How to Raise an Adult” throughout this school year in our live event and our podcast!

Let’s Chat Parenting with Brandy Nicks

On this months, Let’s Chat Parenting podcast we will talk with Registered Mental Health Intern, Brandy Nicks about the different stages of parenting and how to navigate the waters specifically in the teenage years! Join us in this discussion today!

Let’s Chat Parenting with Dan Marcone

On this month’s podcast, we will talk to Dan Marcone, licensed mental health counselor and clinical director at Season’s Counseling Orlando. Dan and Sarah Jane will discuss anxiety in the teenage years and how you as parent’s can move towards your students in a helpful and intentional ways. We will also discuss, parent regulation of your own anxiety. This conversation should be practical and helpful as you look at all that is ahead of your students.

Let’s Chat Parenting with Christy Gambrell

Have you ever wondered how to have a conversation with your teenager that actually unearths what is going on in their heart? This month on Let’s Chat Parenting, we will talk to Christy Gambrell about how to have a conversation that connects to the heart of your child! Join us in this conversation as we look at why connecting is important, ways to listen and ways to enter in to conversations in a way that is helpful and not hurtful.

Let’s Chat Parenting with Tracey Bailey

This month on Let’s Chat Parenting, Tracey Bailey, Student Care Counselor at Orangewood Christian School, talks with Sarah Jane Creech about celebrating your children. This may not be a how to for celebration but rather, a deeper look at the ways that you as parents could intentionally walk into moments of hope for your children. What you celebrate and how you celebrate as a family, is deeply impactful to your students view of when they are lovable. Join in on the fun today!

Let’s Chat Parenting with Jared Jones

Social Media has affected every inch of our world, especially the hearts of our teenagers. This month we talk with Jared Jones, the Director of Student Ministries at Orangewood Church, PCA about Social Media and your teenagers.

Let’s Chat Parenting with Jim Coffield (Part 2)

Jim Coffield shares his thoughts about parenting from his new book, Shaping Your Families Story, how imperfect parents create hope and promise for their children. Jim is a licensed mental health counselor and director of the counseling program at Reformed Theological Seminary in Oviedo, Florida.